Research Facilities

Institute for Imaging and Analytical Technologies (I2AT): 

3.0 Tesla MRI
At I2AT, we have use of a 3.0 Tesla MRI, which was purchased with a grant from the Office of Naval Research. The addition of the fMRI has opened up a wide range of research capabilities for the cognitive science program, including examining decision making, problem solving, and memory, just to name a few.

Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS): Driving Simulator
The driving simulator at CAVS is a medium-fidelity system from Realtime Technologies, Inc. This system allows us to to examine the human factors aspect of driver performance and multitasking. It utilizes a full-size Nissan Maxima cab, and the display is projected over four screens and on-board LCD monitors. Additionally, the simulator is integrated with an eye tracking system from Seeing Machines, Inc. that allow us to effectively gather data without the need for a head-mounted system.